Welcome to the IICSC

The International Islamic Cultural Study Centre is a Voluntary Organization established in 1970’s which is publicly funded and does not receive any grants or funds from any government or political organization. Our main work is Education, Health, Spirituality, Community Relations and Dialogues with other faiths, an understanding towards other fellow humans.

The IICSC is made up of enthusiastic volunteers from all over the country and is lead by the Noble Sheikh Mahmmod H Rashid a man of great Wisdom, Intelligence, Culture, Spirituality, Healing and well established in the international interfaith dialogue community.

The IICSC Website contains information on several aspects of IICSC: the services provided by the IICSC, the specialist Islamic literature produced, International Dawah movement lead by the Chairman of IICSC, video embracement ceremonies, and a section called ‘The Ministry of Prophet Muhammed (SAW)’ that contains written as well as audio lectures on the broader aspects of Islam using only authentic sources (the Quran and Sunnah) to give the genuine representation of Islam as a world religion.

So whether you are a new to Islam or a predominant Muslim seeking broad out look on religious life which develops the skills of Wisdom, Spirituality and healing, or you are a member of another faith searching for meaningful knowledge, spiritual blessing to live a peaceful life in the modern world of science and technology then you are invited to surf through our website. We are sure you will find something of your interest.

For any further information and healing purposes, do not hesitate to come and see us. We are here to help. Our address is:

International Islamic Cultural Study Centre (IICSC)
262 Washwood Heath Road ,
Birmingham B8 1RJ

Phone/email at us:

Tel: 0121 326 0966
Email: info@islamic-icsc.com